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Özgür Arun

(Ph.D., Associate Professor of Gerontology)

Akdeniz University-Faculty of Arts

Department of Gerontology


Arun was born in a small village in Anatolia, Turkey in 1977 and educated at Middle East Technical University (SOC'01). After graduating from METU in 2001, he moved to Berlin, Germany, continuing his researches through 2002. After returning he filled an academic position at the Department of Sociology, Middle East Technical University (2004-2011), during which time he completed an MA and PhD.


Recently, he is a full-time faculty member in the Department of Gerontology, Faculty of Arts, Akdeniz University. Arun has conducted researches on higher education, rural development, income and welfare, youth and unemployment, child labour, and disability. His most recent research and writings are on ageing, intergenerational relationships, culture, class and taste. He has recently been appointed to the Editorial Board of The Gerontologist.



Department of Gerontology, Faculty of Arts, Akdeniz University, 07058, Antalya

Tel: +90 242 227 4400 / 4199


e-mail: arun@akdeniz.edu.tr


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